Control4 premium automation solutions make you the true master of your domain. Easily and intelligently control every aspect of your house—from lights, security, climate control, home theater, music and more—even if you are miles away. Or let things happen automatically. Music can stream throughout the house from any source. When it’s game time, have the lights dim, the shades lower and the TV tune to the right input, with one tap. Your security system arms automatically as the lights go out the minute everyone’s safe in bed. It’s that simple and fully Customizable for any home, big or small. Control4.

Your START to smart

With a single remote, control everything in your media cabinet. The Control4 EA-1 starter bundle provides the foundation to add control of other devices when you’re ready to expand. Add smart light switches, shade control, or a thermostat to any room and extend your automation to the rest of the house later with fully integrated solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. Start with entertainment in any room, end with a fully automated home.